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'Anuradha has a powerful perspective on building an ethical business that is grounded in knowledge, experience and embodiment - and well worth paying close attention to and learning from!'

Romek Goj
Three reasons to focus on accessibility

1. It’s the right thing to do. Quite frankly, if the pandemic taught us anything, it is how necessary accommodations were to support ourselves, our teams, our clients, and our communities.

2. Legally, we are accountable and responsible for putting in provisions under the Equalities Act (UK) and Americans with Disabilities Act (US) and beyond. Our goal needs to be disability justice and building inclusive spaces, not just ticking the legal boxes. It makes it easier for people to work with us when we make accommodations and get into conversations about access needs.

3. There is never going to be the perfect time to start this process. It is going to be messy, uncomfortable, and maybe even overwhelming. But, starting now is better than doing nothing at all.

And finally, If you're organization is not accessible, you're missing out on opportunities and building relationships.

So jump in The Future is Accessible and let’s get this conversation started!

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The Future Is Accessible Conference Sessions

Six Live Sessions In June/July 2023

One 30-Minute 1:1 Laser Session With Anuradha

Accessibility Glossary 

Fast Action Bonus 1: Website Accessibility Series (Only until April 30, 2023)

Fast Action Bonus 2: Write Your Accessibility Statement Series (Only until April 30, 2023)

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Add a 90-minute work session with Anuradha

We can use the time to strategize your accessibility plan.
We can review your accessibility statement, look over the accessibility of your website, tailor your on-boarding process....

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‘Thanks so much for the access to the talks. Even just knowing this was on was a huge mood boost to be honest. Keep up the fantastic work!’

- A.S.

‘I’ve been so enjoying what I’ve been able to participate in so far. I’m deeply listening to the ancestral and legacy conversation with Karen Larbi today. It’s such a powerful way to re-stitch into place and presence in my decolonizing journey. I treasure this work you’re doing.'

- M.D.

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"If you are an entrepreneur or professional or parent or just any human invested in healing internalized capitalism, moving ethically and, particularly if you're BIPOC, really prioritizing being ethical and kind to yourself in and outside of business, I couldn't recommend a program more.

An instructor like Anuradha is a complete gem. The course, the readings and discussions also deeply enrich my own professional work with burnout recovery coaching for professionals and entrepreneurs, with many clients being ND and/or chronically ill. It's helping me emerge from a cycle of chronic overworking and undercharging, something I've worked on with my own burnout recovery healing as a deeply marginalized person.

Oh and the guest speakers are phenomenal as well. Also Anuradha has taken great care to make sure the course is accessible to folks with various access needs. Truly an absolute pleasure to be a part of the course and community." -

Jay Asooli